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Side view...
This is a side view of a Shavacian males head I threw together as a reference.
The Laet is a Shavacian weapon that can only be used by its owner. By using their Neural enhancement crystal located at the center of their forehead, the owner of this weapon can fire this weapon. In order to effectively use this gun a Shavacian must point it in the General direction of the target and focus where they want the beam to hit. In moments of Unfocus, the gun shoots a wider beam with less accuracy. It is designed to be wielded in either hand. It has three power settings; 1- stun, 2- kill, 3- disintegrate.
A Shavacian female.
This is what the women of my alien race will look like. I will be working on a male Shavacian so keep an eye out.


    Centuries ago in medieval Europe, there was an old carpenter. This carpenter was on a journey to find the perfect tree for his most recent task. The king had offered him great riches to craft seven of the finest chairs in the land. The carpenter sought near and far for a legendary tree that has been around since time began. “Surely,” the carpenter thought “anything crafted from this tree’s wood would be the finest in the land.”

    After several long days and nights he found the tree. As he approached the tree he felt an ominous presence near him. “Who approaches the tree of time?” A booming voice asked from the shadows. “I am but a humble old carpenter seeking for the most magnificent wood in the land.” The old man replied. “You see, I have been tasked with crafting the finest chairs in the land.”

    “Although there is little I can do to prevent you from chopping down this tree, I must warn you,” The voice said. “Whoever chops down this tree shall suffer the worst fate.”

    “Yeah, yeah.” The carpenter said as he began to chop the tree down. “The worst fate.” After chopping the tree down, the old man returned to the kingdom and began working on the seven chairs. He worked long and hard to carefully craft each chair with great detail. He used only the finest of fabrics for the seats of the chairs. When his task was complete he brought the chairs to the king. “These chairs are indeed the finest in the land.” Said the king when he saw the chairs. “You will be rewarded greatly.”

    And the carpenter received the riches he was promised. For the remainder of the king’s rule, the carpenter was the royal carpenter. Life was going wonderfully for the old man. That is, until the king died. When the king died, the kingdom fell apart for there was no heir to the throne. The carpenter lost a job and a close friend that day. The old man disappeared and the chairs dispersed across the lands. Some went to England, some went to Spain. The fifth one ended up in France. To this day no one knows the final destination of the seven chairs.

Chapter One: The Discovery

            “Alright class, there will be a test on the legend of the seven chairs tomorrow.” Mr. Cranston, the English teacher, said. “Make sure to study hard, your grades depend on it.”

            “Who believes in this stuff anyway?” I asked my friend Isabelle Mills.

     “I do.” she answered.

            “How can you believe such a story?” I asked.

            “Alex Jeffers,” Mr. Cranston shouted “do you have something that you would like to share with the class?”

            “N-no sir.” I replied with a nervous stutter.

            “Why don’t you come up front and sit next to me?” He asked as he gestured to the seat reserved for the class clowns. I grabbed my things and worked my way up to the front. When I was almost there, I tripped over my own feet and fell. Everyone, except Isabelle and I, started laughing at me. I got up from the floor, my face red with embarrassment, and sat in the chair. The next few minutes of the class were awkward for me and when the bell rang I went to my locker, Isabelle and I said our goodbyes, and I walked straight home.

            “Hey Alex.” My mom greeted me when I entered the house. “How was school?”

    “Just peachy.” I replied sarcastically.

“Okay.” She said.

“Before you go up to the room can you fetch the extra blankets out of the attic for me?” I nodded my head and made my way up to the attic. Once I arrived I began searching for the blankets. The blankets were sitting next to an old cobweb covered chair. The chair looked like it was made yesterday even though it had obviously been sitting there for a while. I thought it was strange and then I carried the blankets down to my mother.

“What’s up with the chair in the attic?” I asked as I handed the blankets to my mom.

          “Oh, that old thing?” she asked. “That chair has been sitting there ever since your great grandfather built this house. He would always stress how important it was that we never touch the chair but he never said why. I personally never questioned him.” She said.

          “Interesting.” I said. After we had dinner we all went up to bed. I could not fall asleep for my thought were focused on that strange chair. Why shouldn’t anyone touch that chair? It’s just a chair, isn’t it? I pushed those thoughts away and I was finally able to get some needed sleep.

          Tomorrow was Saturday and my parents were both at their jobs for the day. After I finished my chores I went up to my room and listened to Michael Jackson’s latest hit: “Thriller”. I was still thinking about the chair and why it shouldn’t be touched when I had an idea. I picked up the phone and called Isabelle. “Hello, Mills’ residence, this is Isabelle.” She answered the phone.

          “Hey it’s me, Alex.” I said. “Can you come over right now? There’s something that I want to show you.”

          “Sure.” She replied. “But it better be important.”

          “It is.” I assured her. Ten minutes later she showed up at my door and knocked. I opened it up and let her in. “Follow me.” I told her. I led her up to the attic to show her the chair.

          “What’s so important about that chair?” she asked.

          “I don’t know, but for some reason no one is supposed to touch it.” I replied. “So how about we touch it and find out why we shouldn’t touch it?”

          “What if the chair is possessed?” she asked sarcastically.

          “Yeah right!” I said as I reached for the chair. Suddenly I felt a strong pull drawing me to the chair. I started to struggle against it. Isabelle thought I was playing around but it eventually became apparent that I wasn’t. She started to help me but it wasn’t enough. Then I felt a jolt of electricity as my hand came in contact with the chair. Everything went black and my body fell numb.

Chapter Two: Lost

            “Young man, are you alright?” I heard a voice say as a bony hand was shaking me awake. “Looks like you had a nasty fall.” A fowl stench filled my nostrils as I startled awake. I saw an old man dressed in rags kneeled next to me with a concerned look on his face. “Where am I?” I asked hazily.

            “You’re in the kingdom of Eulon.” The old man answered.

            “What?!” I exclaimed. Then it occurred to me. It was the chair that brought me here, back through time. So the legends were true. I thought to myself.

            “You don’t look like you from around here.” He said. “You won’t want to be wearing clothes like that around here, the locals aren’t accustomed to foreigners. How about we go to my place and get you a change of clothes?”

            “Um. Okay.” I answered. He led me through the village to his house. It was the nicest house around. The wood work was spectacular. Once inside I noticed all of the wood carving materials laying around the place. He’s the carpenter! I thought. I went into another room and got changed into the clothes he gave me. When I came out, he was talking to a couple of knights who were standing at the doorway. “We are here to collect taxes.” One knight said. The old carpenter gave them a bag of gold when they out stretched their hands.

            “Who is that boy standing over there?” The other knight asked. The old man told them that I was his apprentice and that I lived with him. “Then you will have to pay extra.” The knight told him. The carpenter sent me to get his other bag of gold and I nervously handed it to the knights.

            “Thank you.” I said as the knights rode off.

            “You’re welcome.” he replied. “Now for your lessons. I don't want them to think I lied to them.” After accepting that I would never see my friends and family again, I focused on learning carpentry. Over the next few years the old carpenter taught me everything he knew. I developed a strong friendship with him as my skills approached his level of craftsmanship.

            I had made a name for myself and I also got to know the prince and become friends with him. Life was good, but I knew that one day the old man would craft those chairs of legend. Then one day, one of the knights came to fetch my mentor and friend. Now he's off to craft the seven chairs. I thought. Little did I know that this was the last that I would see of him.

Chapter Three: Fate

            Many years had passed since I had last seen my mentor. I know not what became of him. I had now taken his place as the local carpenter. The price whom I had befriended was now the king of Eulon. I had a good reputation so I wasn't surprised when I was called to the castle to make a new set of furniture.

            “Hello old friend.” The king greeted me. “How have you been these past few months?”

            “Oh fine.” I replied. “I’ve found that my work grows more difficult as I age. I fear that I will not be able to work much longer.”

            “If it wouldn’t be too much to ask, I have one more task for you.” He said.

            “And what would that be old friend?” I asked.

            “I need you to craft seven of the finest chairs in the land.” He said. That’s when I realized, I was the old carpenter who crafted those chairs. “What’s the matter old friend? You look like you just saw a ghost.” The king said as I snapped back into the situation.

            “Huh? No, everything is fine.” I told him. “I will craft these chairs for you.”

            “Thank you. He said. I went straight to my home in the village and gathered my things for the journey. I now knew that it was my fate to be the creator of the seven chairs. I set out in search of the tree. When I found it, the booming voice gave me the warning but I chopped it down anyway. After returning to village I began work on the chairs. I soon finished and brought them before the king’s castle. He approved of the chairs and promptly made me the Royal carpenter. Life was great and my work with the chairs had reinvigorated me. A few more years passed until the king died of old age and the kingdom fell to ruins.

            After mourning the loss of my friend, something occurred to me, What if I can use the chairs to return to my time? I gathered the seven chairs in a circle around me and they began glowing and humming. It was working. Then a familiar jolt of electricity surged thorough my body and I woke up in front of my house. The strange thing was, it was under construction. Then I saw a younger man who looked like the photos I’ve seen of my great grandfather.

            “How did you do that little boy?” he asked.

            “No time to explain.” I replied. The chair must have made me young again. “You must put this chair in your attic and never let anyone touch it.” Still in shock, he nodded his head and I brought the chair up into the attic. I placed the chair where I remembered it sitting. On my way back out I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror. I noticed that I now looked exactly like the pictures of Mr. Cranston that he showed us from when he was our age. I now knew that I would also one day teach a younger about the legend of the seven chairs.


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